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This game is about a spaceship traveling in space while trying to hit the black stars, and avoid the white stars. If you dash into a black star, you will receive 3 Points, however, if you dash into a white star, you will lose health. You can also shoot, which is more challenging as your bullet/laser will travel threw the stars. If you shoot a black star, you will gain 1 Point. If you shoot a white star, you will lose health. YOU CAN ONLY TAKE 3 HITS 'TILL YOU'RE DEAD!

You may also encounter a health kit which will fully recover all of your health. You may dash into it, or shoot it.

You may also encounter a colorful ball. When you shoot it or dash into it, it will give you 12 Points.

CONTROLS: LEFT(<) & RIGHT(>) - Move left and right.

UP(^) - Dash

SPACE - Shoot

ESC - Close the game

R - Restart the game

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Published320 days ago
TagsDifficult, Space
Player countSingleplayer


Aiming For The Stars.exe (7 MB)

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